FIDUCIA d.o.o.

A story of our first 30 years

We started to deal with accountancy activities on November 26, 1990. Fiducia was a trade at that time, so we are proudly celebrating 30 years of our business this year.

The company Fiducia d.o.o. (Ltd.) was incorporated and registered with the Commercial Court in Zagreb in 1992, and the shareholders and founders are Tamara Požar Tomić and Damir Tomić.

The word “fiducia (ae)” means “confidence“ in Latin.

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We have been slowly growing in the last 30 years and have justified the confidence of the existing or earned the confidence of the new clients, who have grown together with us.

We have moved countless times until 2008 when we bought our own office in the building in Petrovaradinska Street, of which we are especially proud because by its open and wide space it contributes to the pleasant work environment.

If we have to describe Fiducia in one word, that word would be: LOYALTY. Our IT partner was BBM d.o.o. during all these years, and we present always their application as our own. They adjust the program to our needs, and our cooperation is friendly at our mutual satisfaction.

As a family company Fiducia takes care of good human relations in its work environment, our employees are our highest value and that is how we make effort to behave towards them. We believe that it is easier, more pleasant and productive to work in a friendly atmosphere, which includes help and understanding of colleagues and superiors.

Sandra has been working in Fiducia for more than twenty years, Sanja twenty, Anita and Jelena more than fifteen, Mirela, Neven, Marina, Filip and Ana celebrated tenth anniversaries. It is impossible to list all wonderful persons who worked in our company in these 30 years. They all left traces and participated in making of this beautiful story. There are thirty of us today, we make progress together and learn something new every day.

We are proud of more than 30 babies that were born by our employees during their employment in our company. Each baby was a cheerfulness because by every new life we increased our harmonious team, the substitute employees stayed to work with us when they were not a “substitute“ any more.

Fiducia d.o.o. is the holder of the ADVANCED MAMFORCE © STANDARD, in the GROW category. With a good organization of work and various measures, we have enabled the harmonization of private and business life of employees, and with the provided benefits, the possibility of development and equal opportunities for all employees.

A friendly atmosphere in our office was expanded to the same such friendly and good-natured relationship towards clients. Although the relationship with the clients was formalized by contracts, we always adjust the work method to the needs of the clients. When we talk about our clients, we use a personal pronoun “we“ because we consider ourselves a part of each company for which we conduct accountancy activities. We are trying to help each big or small client with our support because their success is also our success.

The majority of our clients are multinational corporations, from which we learned much, because they brought new work standards. The first in a row was the company Equicolor (a Fuji representative) in 1991, whose director decided to give an opportunity to our really young team at that time. After in 1997 we were given a confidence of a newly founded Microsoft Croatia at that time, everything went faster. We grew each year, similar companies asked for offers and trusted us. We participated in four large SAP implementations, and the experience we gained in such a way is priceless.

However, we take care of our relationships with the domestic, formerly small, and today mostly big companies, and we are proud to be a part of their team and a partner on which they can always count, and which is always willing to help with an advice.

Feros d.o.o. (Ltd.) was incorporated in 1991, and it was a company with one employee, a director who had the first mobile phone, which we have ever seen in his car Tavria, and he was personally unloading trucks of goods. It has been our client from the first day, and today it is a large company with offices all over Croatia and more than 50 employees.

We are especially proud of the cooperation with them, because it is almost 30 years of confidence. We can list all other such clients, but they shall recognize themselves.

On the occasion of 30 years of work we would like to thank our clients for their confidence and because they force us with their inquires and problems to progress, improve and scrunch through the network of Croatian legislation all the time.

We would like to thank our employees for taking up with us, for learning, actively and dedicatedly working and making our clients satisfied.

If you are not our client, join us, so that we can tell your future story together.

Thank you for reading our story called Fiducia.

Tamara and Damir