Selectium began operations in 2018 as the exclusive distributor for Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Our cooperation with Fiducia has been lasting for twenty years when Hewlett Packard was directly present on the Croatian market. Precisely because of our many years of experience and the trust we have gained, our partnership has continued for the needs of Selectium. From the very beginning, Fiducia has been providing us with complete accounting and payroll services.

Selectium is an IT company with an extensive portfolio of products and services, and it is extremely important to us that our business is professionally monitored and that we are provided with quality service within the set deadlines. In this sense, Fiducia has provided us with the resources and expertise needed to run a successful business. In addition, Fiducia’s expert team proactively informs us about all current events and changes and is always ready to make a recommendation.

Our business relationship is based on mutual trust, continuous effort and a partnership approach to us as a client.

Darija Narančik, Finance and Back office executiveSelectium d.o.o.

I have the honor and pleasure to work directly (first contact point) with Ms. Tomić and the company Fiducia d.o.o.

Our collaboration started at Coca-Cola Adria d.o.o. (a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company), and continued at AstraZeneca plc. and Medtronic plc. In the mentioned companies, I was in charge of the entire financial / accounting business as a member of the management board and as the director of finance.

What is especially important to emphasize is that the collaboration of the companies in which I worked remained even after I left Coca-Cola and AstraZeneca, which indicates the quality and professionalism of the cooperation.

As the main qualities of Fiducia d.o.o. I would like to mention, among other things / not exclusively:
· Excellent knowledge of financial / accounting legislation of the Republic of Croatia and international and US accounting standard
· Availability at all times (literally 24/7/365)
· Fair and very professional business relationship
· Excellent knowledge of SAP
· Willingness to take on challenges

Marinko Jagić, M.Sc. Sr. Finance Manager CEE South Cluster & Romania/MoldovaMedtronic Adriatic d.o.o.

I have been working with Fiducia for more than fifteen years and I am happy to recommend it to my colleagues and clients.

With many years of experience working with Fiducia and its employees, I can tell they are very precise, and they do their job within the agreed deadlines without exception. Faced with a new situation, regardless of whether it is of a bookkeeping or tax nature, they quickly find the best solution.

It’s great that we solve everything by digital exchange or email. I believe that careful selection of employees who are professional, friendly and communicative in their work, and well-designed work processes are the reason for their efficiency and quality.

Fiducia was initially a supplier, over the years they have become a valuable business partner without which there are no new ventures, but today they are primarily friends.

Marko Rakar, directorMRAK usluge d.o.o.

Fiducia and Kaligraf – a success story for more than 25 years.

We have been cooperating with Fiducia for so long that we do not consider them to be another company.

Entrusting books and numbers to someone is a decision that can literally mean anything. Fortunately, our books and numbers from the first day are in the safe and sovereign hands of the team that knows them. It has never been easy, and today it is especially complicated to swim in a sea of regulations and frequent legal changes and be sure that everything is done exactly as it should be.

Reliability is the first thing that came to our mind when we wrote this because the most important thing is the feeling that we are sure at all times that we work in accordance with all regulations and are informed in time about all benefits provided by the state. And that is exactly what our Fiducia provides us with.

Tamara Karolyi, directorKaligraf d.o.o.